SCEPTREplus research team

SCEPTREplus research team

Meet the SCEPTREplus research team


Ed Moorhouse

Organisation: Agri-food Solutions Ltd

Role: Project lead

Ed started his career at the Horticultural Development Council where he created and managed the first Specific Off-Label Approval (SOLA) programme which preserved many minor use approvals for UK growers. He has worked directly and indirectly in the crop protection sector for his whole career, with the previous 10 years at G’s Fresh



Rosemary Collier

Organisation: University of Warwick

Role: Science lead, field vegetables and insecticides

Rosemary trained as an entomologist and has worked on the pest insects of horticultural crops for many years. Her main research interest is in the development and application of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies for horticultural crops grown outdoors. Rosemary has worked extensively with AHDB and agrochemical and biopesticide companies on novel products and new applications for existing products.


John Atwood

Organisation: ADAS

Role: Weed control and ornamentals

John has 37 experience years in the soft fruit and hardy ornamentals sector as an advisor and researcher.  John specialises in weed control and is dedicated to seeing how products that were designed for other crops can be used and integrated with good cultural practice.


Jerry Cross

Organisation: NIAB EMR

Role: Pest control and fruit crops

Jerry specialises in fruit entomology. Particular interests include development of sampling, assessment and forecasting methods for pests, decision support systems, identification and exploitation of pheromones of fruit pests, biological control by microbial agents and natural enemies of fruit pests, developing and evaluating whole Integrated Pest Management systems for fruit crops and optimising spray application methods. 

Roma Gwynn

Organisation: Rationale

Role: Biopesticide technology and regulatory expert

Roma is an independent biopesticide specialist who has been working with biopesticide technologies for over 30 years. Roma’s expertise is in facilitating the process of getting biopesticide products onto the market and into the hands of growers by streamlining bio-discovery, product development, registration and marketing, with particular expertise in efficacy. 


Martin McPherson

Organisation: Stockbridge Technology Centre 

Role: Disease, pathogens and protected edibles

Martin is a specialist in disease control, diagnostics, pesticide use and regulatory issues. He has broad experience of plant pathogens in horticultural crops, having worked for ADAS, HRI and was part of the group who created STC as an independent applied R&D organisation for the horticulture industry