Sector Priorities

Sector Priorities

With responsibility for more than 300 edible and ornamental crops in the UK, AHDB Horticulture relies on its sector panels to help ensure research, development and knowledge transfer activities are strategically aligned to the needs of the industry. The panels - made up of growers, consultants, scientists and representatives from other funding bodies - help set priorities and commission projects in bulbs and outdoor flowers, field vegetables, hardy nursery stock, mushrooms, protected edibles, protected ornamentals, soft fruit and tree fruit. Priorities cover areas such as crop protection, water use, waste, labour use and mechanisation, crop production, harvesting, soils and hygiene.

In addition to priorities of the individual sector panels, AHDB Horticulture has also recently published plans to strategically address common thematic issues encountered by all the horticultural crop sectors. This new approach will focus on six themes which reflect the crop production cycle: genetics, soils and substrates, inputs (such as energy, nutrition and water), crop protection, cropping systems, and post-harvest ‘utilisation and value’ issues (such as storage, packing and distribution); and further detail can be found via our over-arching strategy.

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