Bulbs and Outdoor Flowers

Bulbs and Outdoor Flowers

Bulbs & Outdoor Flowers

This diverse sector encompassing daffodil bulb and flower production, forced bulbs, other bulb crops such as tulips and gladioli, and outdoor cut flowers and foliage contributes approx. 3% of the horticultural levy income.

Latest Research

There are a number of projects that could have an impact on your business. Get information on bulbs and outdoor flowers research here.


AHDB Horticulture produces a wide range of publications that could help train your teams, change practice and learn new skills. See what's available for bulbs and outdoor flowers.


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Pest Bulletin (narcissus)

For the latest news about pests appearing on your narcissus crop see the AHDB Horticulture Pest Bulletin, hosted by Syngenta.