Creating champion employees

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Creating champion employees

The availability of labour for the horticultural sector is a key issue that will continue to vex the minds of many – from growers to European politicians. There is a real fear amongst growers that the lack of labour will result in significant crop losses. Whilst appropriate bodies are lobbying, what can growers do to help themselves?


The horticultural industry can do more to maximise the efficiency of the labour that is available. To help in this direction the Horticultural Development Company (HDC) commissioned projects within the field vegetable, soft fruit and tree fruit sectors to investigate and ‘model’ outstanding working performance across a range of crops. ‘Creating champion employees’ is the result of these industry-funded studies.


By engaging in the principles set out in this DVD, growers should achieve increases in labour efficiency of 20% – and in many cases much more.


What is needed is a whole business approach – one where the owner, manager and supervisor, challenge existing preconceptions about worker potential and aim to raise the standard bar. This may require a change of culture such as; from expecting workers to be good, to developing workers so they become excellent.


The DVD shows how the best individuals and teams/gangs, within the fruit and vegetable sectors, approach key horticultural tasks. The principles can be readily applied across all labour intensive crops and many other tasks within this industry and beyond.


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