HDC/CFC Tulip Mechanisation Study Tour - Holland 2014

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HDC/CFC Tulip Mechanisation Study Tour - Holland 2014

At the HDC/CFC (The National Cut Flower Centre) tulip workshop staged during April 2013 there was broad agreement amongst the growers who attended the event that they would like to look at Dutch tulip mechanisation during the early part of 2014.

With the help of Ian Collison, J A Collison and Sons, the HDC, in conjunction with the CFC, arranged a two day event from the 25 and 26 February 2014 to examine all aspects of tulip mechanisation. This included fully automated bench production systems, as well as manual picking feeding into automated bunching and sleeving systems. The first day concentrated on equipment available from Potveer, while the second day focused on Bercomex systems.

New production techniques using ozonated air and water are being developed in Holland to reduce losses (from disease and ethylene damage) in both the dry bulb stage and during rooting in the water trays. These new systems were being used by some of the nurseries visited during the study tour and provided an opportunity to see the new technology in use.