Health & Safety Awareness for Horticultural Businesses

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Health & Safety Awareness for Horticultural Businesses

Every year too many accidents happen across all land-based industries. This DVD is aimed at providing new staff with an awareness of the many aspects of health and safety that should be considered before embarking on work at a horticultural holding. 
Employers must be aware that they have a clear responsibility to look after the welfare of their staff and provide appropriate training in order that all work can be accomplished without accidents. 
Subjects covered:  
1. Accident Reporting and First Aid 
2. Signs
3. Hygiene
4. Manual Handling
5. Slips, Trips and Falls
6. Working in Remote Places
7. Cold Storage
8. Protective Clothing
9. Electricity
10. Fire
11. Hazardous
12. Irritant plants
13. Insects and
bee stings
14. Heat and sunshine
15. Tractors and
16. Machinery
17. Noise
18. Use of knives
19. Protected cropping
20. Summary
The film is also available in Bulgarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Slovakian. These can be viewed on our YouTube channel: AHDB Horticulture TV
Growers requiring information on the training aids available in horticulture are strongly advised to contact the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) hse.gov.uk.
*Free to AHDB Horticulture levy payers and associates.
If you're not a levy payer or associate, hard copies are available for purchase on request - email hort.info@ahdb.org.uk