SCEPTREplus: Sweetcorn

EAMUs secured

Authorisations secured following SCEPTREplus trials for sweetcorn: 

  • Dual Gold as a herbicide for sweetcorn
  • Wing P as a herbicide for courgette, squash, pumpkin and sweetcorn

Weed control in sweetcorn

  • Crop: Field vegetables - sweetcorn
  • Target: General broadleaf weeds and grasses
  • Period: May - December 2017

The aim was to screen herbicides in order to increase the weed control options available to sweetcorn growers. Both pre- and post-emergence products were tested, with the emphasis on pre-emergence herbicides which also give some control of grass weeds.

Conclusions and take home message

Initial trial

  • Stomp Aqua + Dual Gold was one of the best performing treatments at both sites and an EAMU (2834/17) has been secured for use on sweetcorn.
  • Pre-emergence treatments AHDB9988, Stomp Aqua + AHDB9987 and Stomp Aqua + aclonifen show promise in controlling typical weeds in sweetcorn.
  • Of the post-emergence applications AHDB9986 shows promise in controlling weeds in sweetcorn with no phytotoxic effects
  • AHDB9988 gives a check to the crop when applied post-emergence but this may be commercially acceptable.
  • While AHDB9992 was one of the best performing pre-emergence products it now appears to be unlikely to be progressed to a UK approval.
  • Further studies should be undertaken on the newer products aclonifen and AHDB9987 to test how they perform in early season crops which are more sensitive and grown under temporary covers, as well as test how the most promising products perform in programs.

Pre-emergence trial

AHDB 9987 and AHDB 9918 improve weed control when used in a tank-mix with Stomp Aqua and would be useful additions for growers for pre-emergence use

Post-emergence trial

Authorisation for AHDB 9856, AHDB 9858, AHDB 9859 or AHDB 9867 would improve weed control in sweetcorn and increase actives available for use reducing the risk of resistance development if used in conjunction with existing products. AHDB 9900 is a sulfonylurea and would increase the number of ALS inhibitors authorised for sweetcorn, but does bring control of redshank, as would AHDB 9858 and AHDB 9867

Sweetcorn weed control trials - final report

Post-emergence herbicide screening in sweetcorn: full trial report

Pre-emergence herbicide screening in sweetcorn - full report