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5 October 2022

Find an archive of previous editions of horticulture Grower magazine

8 September 2022

The larvae of Tuta absoluta mine in the leaves, stems and fruit of tomato plants, causing devastating damage.

16 June 2021

Familiarise yourself with the different aphid species and the damage symptoms they cause to strawberries.

16 June 2021

From strawberry crinkle virus to mild yellow edge virus, find out which aphid species cause which kind of crop damage and when.

16 June 2021

Find out about the biology and life cycle of different types of aphids on strawberry.

10 May 2021

Learn about the life cycle of celery fly and find out what damage it can cause to crops.

20 July 2021

Find out how to recognise and detect aphid attacks at an early stage and decide whether action is needed.

8 December 2022

Learn more about the damage caused by strawberry tarsonemid mite

18 January 2023

Learn about the life-cycle of vine weevil and how it damages soft fruit crops