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21 April 2022

Read about the development of non-native bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) colonies in tomato crops

17 January 2023

Read about the studies carried out to monitor the activity of Bombus terrestris audax (Bta) in glasshouse crops and natural habitats.

20 April 2022

Read about the research carried out to investigate poor pollination performance by the native bumblebee, Bombus terrestris audax, in British tomato crops

23 January 2023

In 2015, AHDB commissioned an independent review of the scientific literature relevant to the effects of releasing non-native subspecies of bumblebees as pollinators in commercial crops.

17 January 2023

Read about growers' experience of using native bumblebees for pollinating their tomato crops

20 April 2022

Read about the financial benefits of using biological pollination but also the financial implications of poor fruit set in UK tomato crops

20 April 2022

Read about the history of how commercial tomato crops are pollinated

13 May 2021

Find out about the role of courgette flowers in pollination and learn about the benefits of additional flowers for maintaining bee populations.

12 May 2021

As part of our study, we surveyed courgette fields at three different sites to see whether the presence of wildflowers would attract more pollinators.

12 May 2021

This section presents the findings from our study of pollination in field courgettes.

9 August 2022

Pollination in blackcurrant can affect yields and fruit quality and how crops cope with disease

4 October 2022

This Grower Magazine issue includes information on reducing sprays for strawberry powdery mildew, encouraging pollinators and sustainable control for pear sucker