Heal Farms

Matthew Wallace
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About Heal Farms

  • 6300 acres of arable land, including
  • 1250 acres of potatoes
  • Cereals
  • Oil seed rape
  • 450,000 laying birds
  • Energy through solar panels

Heal Farms is an estate of arable crops and poultry, growing about 500ha of potatoes each year.

With a historic problem with Potato Cyst Nematodes (PCN) and Parasitic Free Living Nematode (FLN), we were keen to develop our understanding of both infestations by hosting SPot Farm West.

Some trials and demonstrations conducted at Heal Farms:

  • Nematicide incorporation
  • Fluopyram nematicide: Best combination for use with other nematicide and rhizoctonia treatment
  • Biofumigation
  • Residual herbicides
  • Alternative desaccation methods
  • Foliar phosphate under PCN pressure
  • Varietal dormancy for storage

Results presentations

SPot West Results Day 2018 - Desiccation

SPot West Results Day 2018 -PCN

Matthew Wallace

Matthew Wallace