SCEPTREplus - research blogs

Research specialists from our SCEPTREplus programme share how their trials are progressing in our blog series. Find out how well trials to identify new and alternative plant protection products are performing. Our research is looking at solutions for key pest, weed and disease control gaps in edible and ornamental crops. 

Weeding out asparagus herbicide treatments

There are some promising products to control weeds in asparagus crops, but did dry weather improve crop safety? Angela Huckle tells us more. 

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Evaluating onion neck rot seed treatments

Steve Roberts, Plant Health Solutions Ltd, explains how we are evaluating chemical, physical and biological treatments for onion neck rot caused by B. allii/aclada as part of our SCEPTREplus trials

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SCEPTREplus sets sights on new pest, weed and disease targets

With over 20 trials set to take place to find new and alternative plant protection products for a range of horticulture crops, the SCEPTREplus project is as busy as ever in its final year, explains Joe Martin

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‘Sage’ advice for controlling leafhopper on herbs

While Gazelle SG still appears to be the most effective method to control ‘sage’ leafhopper, some alternative bioprotectants show promise in our SCEPTREplus trial, explains Peter Seymour.

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Potential new hope for apple canker control

An integrated approach using biocontrol agents with new fungicides and plant extracts could be the future of apple canker control, explains Matevz Papp-Rupar, NIAB EMR

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Spinach growers take charge of future weed control

The loss of Pyramin DF and Intruder, plus new restrictions for Venzar 500 SC, mean finding alternative weed control for spinach crops is a priority, says Angela Huckle.

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A light at the end of the polytunnel

Charles Whitfield explores new potential products for controlling blackberry leaf and raspberry cane midge

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Testing new controls for troublesome aphids

Trials at ADAS Boxworth have identified promising control options for the melon and cotton aphid in hardy nursery stock if used as part of an IPM programme.

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Helping weed control in blackcurrant crops

Thistles, nightshades and bindweeds cause headaches for growers of mechanically harvested crops such as blackcurrants. Our trials have identified a contact and residual herbicide that could be beneficial.

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Hope for new control treatments for Fusarium basal rot in Narcissus

John Clarkson explores promising treatments to reduce basal rot following the withdrawal of thiabendazole and chlorothalonil. 

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Tackling rust in-plums and ornamental plants

In two SCEPTREplus trials across plum and ornamental plants, a range of plant protection products (PPPs) will be screened for efficacy against rust. Ruth D’urban-Jackson tells us more. 

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Brighter future for celery growers?

Leaf spot caused by the fungus Septoria apiicola is the most destructive disease of field grown celery. Aoife O'Driscoll, ADAS, is looking at new and alternative control options. 

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Can Serenade help cabbage growers sing?

Andy Richardson, Allium and Brassica Centre, on securing an EAMU for Serenade ASO to protect stored cabbages following successful SCEPTREplus trials. 

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In deep water - controlling root rot in hydroponic lettuce

Kirsty Wright explains how the deep water hydroponics testing facility at Stockbridge Technology Centre helped trial nine experimental products to control root rot in lettuce.

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Banishing glasshouse mealybug

From conventional chemistries to biopesticides, biologicals and physical control options, Jen Banfield-Zanin reviews how growers can help control glasshouse mealybug

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