PO 019d The Bedding and Pot Plant Centre – new product opportunities for bedding and pot plant growers.


The Bedding and Pot Plant Centre (BPPC) was established in 2014 and consisted of a series of trials developed and delivered in conjunction with a grower-led management group to provide practical solutions to problems encountered on bedding and pot plant nurseries, with a strong focus on sharing outcomes through workshops, publications, workshops and study tours.

The programme continues for a further three years (2020-2023) looking at the following topics:-

  • Crop Protection and IPM
    • Spray Application
    • Management of conventional chemistry (crop safety screening of products and integration into programmes)
  • HNS species suitable as bedding / pot plant products
  • Resource Management
    • Growing Media
    • Automation

Project code:
PO 019d
01 April 2020 - 31 March 2023
AHDB Horticulture
AHDB sector cost:
Total project value:
Project leader:
Jill England, RSK ADAS Limited

About this project

Workpackages and reports

1. Phytotoxicity assessments of new products with EAMUs gained for use on protected ornamentals

Annual report (EAMUs) 2021

Grower summary report (EAMUs) 2021

Annual report (EAMUs) 2022

Grower summary report (EAMUs) 2022

Final report (EAMUs) 2023

Final grower summary report (EAMUs) 2023

EAMUs assessments briefing note 2023

2. Optimising spray application for protected ornamentals 

Annual report (Spray Application) 2021

Grower summary report (Spray Application) 2021

Final report (Spray Application) 2023

Grower summary final report (Spray Application 2023)

Spray Application brieifng note 2023

3. Developing new bedding plant products for impact

Salvia programming annual report 2021

Salvia programming grower summary 2021

Salvia programming video

Salvia programming briefing note 2023

Perennial plant species suitable for autumn marketing

4. Identifying key nursery cultural practices to enable the adoption of responsibly sourced new growing media blends on bedding and pot plant nurseries

Annual report (Growing Media) 2022

Grower summary report (Growing Media) 2022

Final report (Growing Media) 2023

Final grower summary report (Growing Media) 2023

Growing Media briefing note 2023

5. Automation study tour of the UK

6.  Evaluating new varieties of Poinsettias and leading a Poinsettia study tour (Neame Lea Nursery leading)

Annual report (Poinsettia varieties) 2021

Study tour report (Poinsettia varieties) 2022

Trials Final Report (Poinsettia varieties) 2022