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14 October 2022

Apples growing in an orchard

Find a complete list of all the horticulture information factsheets produced from AHDB funded research and development work.

16 November 2022

AHDB Pear Crop Walker's Guide. A useful guide on the tell tale signs of pests and diseases for pears and how to spot them.

2 March 2023

How can you prevent Anthonomus spilotus from damaging pear crops?

28 April 2021

Use this database to check the impact of different active ingredients in plant protection products on beneficial insects

28 April 2021

Sowing flowering seed mixes in field margins or other areas of farmland can support Integrated Pest Management efforts.

28 April 2021

This page shows you how to choose and prepare farmland sites for flowering seed mixes and how to maintain them sustainably.

28 April 2021

Although a range of flowering plant seeds may be included in all flowering seed mixes, selecting a mix at random won’t necessarily give you the results you want for your crops.

28 April 2021

Adding non-crop floral resources to farmland can have many benefits for pollinators and natural pest enemies as well as for growers.

14 February 2023

Learn more about the latest research findings in AHDB research project SF/TF 145a

15 April 2021

A summary of the latest findings in a Waitrose CTP Studentship project being undertaken by Nick Buck and supervised by the University of Reading, NIAB EMR and Berry World

2 March 2023

Putting natural enemies at the heart of your IPM strategy is essential to prevent and control pear sucker successfully