Mushroom resources

AHDB Horticulture funded an extensive programme of research on many aspects of commercial mushroom production. The available reports and resources are listed below.


Rodent control on farms


Mushroom diseases

M 047: Mushrooms: Factors and practices influencing the susceptility of composts to infection by different compost moulds and to subsequent crop loss

Research project M 059: Transfer of mushroom pathogen cultures from liquid nitrogen storage at Warwick University to Fera

Research project M 062: Mushrooms: Inhibiting fungicide degradation in casing, and evaluating fungicides, biopesticides and diseased area covering methods for fungal disease control

Bacterial blotch

Bacterial blotch of mushrooms

Video: Webinar - Detection and control of pathogens causing blotch and green mould in mushroom cultivation

Research project M 063: Identification, detection and control of Pseudomonas species causing different types of bacterial blotch symptoms

Research project M 065: Detection and control of pathogens causing blotch and green mould in mushroom cultivation

Brown cap mushroom virus (BCMV)

Brown cap mushroom virus

Trichoderma aggressivum

Trichoderma aggressivum

Research project M 048: Trichoderma green mould diagnostic assays for improved disease management

Research project M 050: Trichoderma aggressivum f europaeum (Th2) - Epidemiology in bulk Phase 3 systems

Research project M 057: Influence of ammonia during compost pasteurisation and disinfectants on eradication of Trichoderma aggresivum (TH2)

Fungal diseases in mushrooms

Fungal diseases in mushrooms - cobweb, dry bubble, wet bubble

Mushroom virus X (MVX)

Mushroom virus X

Research project M 051: Developing an accurate, quantitative and predictive test for Mushroom Virus X



Controlling exposure to dust and bioaerosols on farms growing common commercial mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)

Research project M 061: Assessing bioaerosol concentrations in mushroom farm packhouses and growing facilities

Food safety and disinfection

How to keep fresh produce safe to eat

Monitoring microbial food safety of fresh produce

Use of chemical disinfectants in mushroom production

Video: Webinar - Disinfecting irrigation water for use on fresh produce

Video: Webinar - Microbials - Keeping it clean

Video: Webinar - Microbials - managing risk in the production of fresh produce


Introduction to fertigation

Research project M 056: Understanding Mushroom Nutrition - project aimed at improving yield, substrate efficiency and utilisation and flavour


Peat and alternative material for mushroom casing

Research project M 049: Mushrooms: Effect of mixing proportions of Phase II and Phase III composts on cropping

Research project M 053: Developing new sustainable mushroom casings in relation to supply of raw materials and mushroom cropping and quality

Research project M 054: Mushroom casings - screening of microbial populations in relation to mushroom quality

Research project M 055: Desk study/literature review of the potential alternative materials to peat in mushroom casing

Research project M 060: Developing alternatives to peat in casing materials for mushroom production

Skills and labour

Edible horticulture skills survey

Video: Webinar - Operating in a reduced labour market

Video: Webinar - Using LEAN techniques to improve labour efficiency in horticulture

Video: Webinar - Using your time effectively


Mushrooms – Improving spawn-running performance


Establishing a resilient water supply

Protecting the water supply for your crops