3 May 2024

Veronica trialled as a cut flower crop at the National Cut Flower Centre

26 April 2024

Nutrient management recommendations for field grown hardy nursery stock (HNS)

3 May 2024

Downy mildew control in protected crops of cut flower column stocks

22 May 2024

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11 March 2024

Herbicide programmes for peony crops

18 April 2024

Weed control in outdoor peony crops for cut flower production

8 December 2023

Trials at the Cut Flower Centre in 2021 and 2022 investigated the potential for Tanacetum to be grown as a UK crop and demonstrated the range of varieties currently available for cut flower production.

11 October 2023

Learn how to plant and establish strawberry plants

11 October 2023

Learn about the range of planting material that can be used in extending the strawberry season

11 October 2023

Learn about how short-day varieties flower and fruit

11 October 2023

Learn about how day-neutral varieties flower and fruit

10 October 2023

Learn about the different plant types available to purchase