Range of plant types and material to use to extend the season

Learn about the different types of strawberry plant material available.

A range of planting material can be purchased from strawberry plant raisers. To understand how this material can be used, it is important to understand that strawberry varieties fall, more or less, into two physiological categories.

  • Short-day varieties
  • Day-neutral varieties

While it is easier to refer to varieties as ‘short-day’ or ‘day-neutral’ there are varieties that respond to day length and temperature in ways that do not fit precisely into these clear categories. The behaviour of such varieties will be of increasing value especially for growers seeking to extend the day-neutral or ‘everbearer’ season.

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Read about how day-neutral varieties flower and fruit

Using different types of planting material can also help to extend the cropping season.

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Scott Raffle, AHDB, Robert Irving, ADAS and Graham Moore, FAST Ltd