3 February 2023

GrowSave is a knowledge exchange programme helping growers to save energy

7 April 2022

Review of the best practices for storing outdoor cucurbit crops.

2 December 2019

What are the benefits of better air movement for your protected crops?

2 December 2019

How to improve air movement in your glasshouse or polytunnel

19 October 2021

How to create an even climate to improve crop quality and uniformity

8 February 2021

Pumps and pipes for a heat network

27 June 2019

This case study summarises the benefits of using StoreCheck, an audit service provided by the AHDB and designed to help understand the true cost of running a store.

29 November 2021

Advice and data on airflow analysis, respiration rates, sprout suppression, disease identification, condensation control, storage temperatures, pull-down rates and more