Translated VuB annual reports, covering technical research projects of relevance to hardy nursery stock

AHDB have reached an agreement with Dr Heinrich Lösing of the Trial and Advisory Council (VuB) based in Ellerhoop, Germany, to make recent trials information available to UK growers.

Each annual report summarises activity delivered by VuB on nurseries in the Ellerhoop area over 6 years to 2019.

As the practical issues and problems covered by these trials are similar to those facing both container- and field-grown hardy nursery stock growers in the UK, this translation and sharing of the results should avoid unnecessary duplication of work.

Note some plant protection products mentioned in these reports may not be applicable to use in the UK.

VuB annual report 2014

Highlights include:

  • Herbicides for conifer seed beds
  • Fungicides against powdery mildew on oak
  • Improving the colour of conifers in the autumn
  • Controlled Release Fertiliser comparison trial
  • Products to increase frost resistance

VuB annual report 2015

Highlights include:

  • Insecticides for use against vine weevil
  • Fungicides against Cladiosporium species on Forsythia
  • Resolving tip-burn in field-grown privet
  • Continued evaluation of new Controlled Release Fertiliser products
  • Field-scale fans for frost protection

VuB annual report 2016

Highlights include:

  • Trialling various grafting waxes
  • Insecticides against root aphids
  • Herbicide tolerance of herbaceous perennials and grasses
  • Rapid testing kits for determining nutrient levels in plants
  • Machine demonstrations

VuB annual report 2017

Highlights include:

  • Algal control on container beds and paths
  • Controlling winter eggs of woolly beech aphid
  • Vine weevil control using nematodes
  • Long term fertiliser use in standard trees
  • New developments with grafting devices


VuB annual report 2018

Highlights include:

  • Residual herbicides for tree seedbeds
  • Herbicides for controlling common horsetail
  • Promotion of cutting health using bioprotectants
  • Sap tests for nursery stock
  • Stem growth regulation in Abies (Christmas trees)

VuB annual report 2019

Highlights include:

  • Control of liverwort on nurseries
  • Fungicides for controlling downy mildew on Rosa
  • Combating shot hole in cherry laurel
  • Insecticides for controlling tortrix moth
  • Growth control in Hydrangea paniculata

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