21 June 2022

This factsheet provides guidelines on symptom recognition, and information on the biology and management of leaf and bud nematodes in hardy nursery stock.

23 September 2021

This wallchart helps growers to distinguish between plum fruit moth and other moth species on monitoring traps

23 May 2022

In this section you will find information on how to determine the nutrient requirements of fruit, vines and hops

30 May 2022

In this section you will find information on how to determine the nutrient requirements of vegetables and bulbs.

29 July 2022

In this section you will find information on the nutrient content of organic materials such as manures, compost and digestate.

29 July 2022

The AHDB Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) offers best practice guidance on the application of fertilisers and organic materials to crops and grassland.

8 June 2022

This GREATsoils case study examines the importance of effective soil assessment methods for the production of carrot crops through the experiences of producers Fresh Growers Ltd. The case study reviews the benefits of Albrecht approach to soil assessment and the impact on nutrient management.

8 June 2022

Asparagus growers, worked with Cranfield University to install grassed waterways to reduce runoff from fields. This enabled land that was not formally capable of supporting asparagus to be used. Grassed waterways do not prevent soil erosion across the whole field area they maintain the soil in the field.

13 June 2022

The first ever fresh produce good hygiene practice guide has been launched to support producers of watercress grown in flowing water, with practical advice on how to comply with food hygiene legislation and related requirements. 

15 July 2022

The Ornamentals Review summarises the research AHDB are funding on behalf of growers of ornamental crops. Features include: Pest, weed and disease control. Growing media and soils. Crop management: Nutrition, lighting, robotics, energy efficiency and production techniques

13 October 2021

This factsheet provides growers with the results of alstroemerias evaluation trials which took place at The Cut Flower Centre in 2017.

17 February 2022

This factsheet provides information concerning heuchera rust, its probable life cycle, typical plant symptoms and appropriate cultural and chemical control guidelines based on that known for other rust diseases.